Adventure activities in Mallorca: Coasteering

If you’re looking for adventure activities in Mallorca, look no further than ViaAventura coasteering tours. The coasteering tours are created to ensure you spend several hours having lots of fun while especially, releasing energy and adrenaline.

Our tours have been designed by guides and specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the adventure sector in Mallorca, therefore guaranteeing you fun and ultimate safety. So, before every activity, the guide will explain to you how it is carried out, and will provide you with the necessary safety guidelines.

On our coasteering tours in Mallorca you will take part in activities such as:

Cliff jumps: jumps from cliffs into incredible and crystal-clear waters in Mallorca. On our coasteering tours you can jump from cliffs; can you imagine the amount of adrenaline that you would release?

Exploring sea caves: there is always time to visit spectacular sea caves during the coasteering tours. The caves we choose are easily accessible so there is no need to worry. You just simply take it all in.

Rock climbing: Can you picture climbing a cliff over the sea? On the coasteering tours you will climb in some of the most beautiful coves of Mallorca.

And if you let us know beforehand, we can also include the following activities in our coasteering tours:

- Abseiling over the sea
- Zip-lining over the sea
- Bungee jumping

Coming up soon on our blog we will give you some information about three activities which you could add to your coasteering tours.

Will you join us on these adventure activities in Mallorca?

ViaAventura, leader in Coasteering in Mallorca.

Coasteerin en Mallorca - ViuAventura

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