1-José Manuel Platel Founder of ViuAventura. (Tecnico deportivo de Montañismo TD1 y Técnico Deportivo de Barrancos TD2)

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About the Founder – ViuAventura:

José Manuel Platel Vives 1969 on the island of Mallorca. He began his passion for and exploration of the wild nature of Mallorca when he was a child. In 1985 he began the process of gaining the professional techniques required to become a professional adventure guide.

He attended the Balearic School of Sports and then between the yeas of 1998 to 2000 he studied at the EEAM, the Spanish School of High Mountaineering. After graduating he worked as a guide for other companies where the idea to develop Viuaventura arose. He became the founder of Viuaventura in 2007.


The goal of Viuaventura is to transmit more than 20 years of experience of the process of discovering the wild nature of Mallorca by balancing the emotions of discovering special places, enjoying the process of making new friends, overcoming challenges together and achieving success while respecting and honoring the needs of nature; the animal and plant life and the coastline, canyons and mountains.
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