Why not try out Coasteering in Mallorca during your holidays?

Mallorca has some of the most idyllic surroundings imaginable, perfect for practising a huge variety of sports: cycling, climbing, hiking, scuba diving, kitesurfing, etc. and more and more people are deciding to travel to Mallorca to get involved with sport tourism: with its scenic routes, its mountains, its many footpaths, the cuisine and, above all else, its crystal-clear sea waters.

Yet there are many who visit the island not specifically to take part in a sporting event, but to spend their time relaxing, having fun and enjoying its many beaches. And this is where Coasteering in Mallorca and ViuAventura come in: enjoy a day of adventure and sport without having to leave the prettiest part of Mallorca: the sea. You will have a great time when coasteering- as well as releasing a rush of adrenaline, it will rid you of all the stress that has built up during the work year, whether you come alone, with friends or with your family (this is another plus with doing coasteering in Mallorca for the day; you can even take part with your kids).

At ViuAventura this summer, we have multiple outings every day with coasteering in Mallorca, during which you can enjoy activities such as snorkelling, zip lining, hiking, sea cave exploring, etc.- all of which take place at sea, as we will be visiting some of the island´s most beautiful unspoilt coves.

If you are visiting Mallorca this summer and want to try out a new and fun activity, sign up and spend a morning or afternoon taking part in coasteering in Mallorca with us. Remember: you can also come with your kids!

We are looking forward to seeing you at ViuAventura!

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