Winter sports in Mallorca

It is a well-known fact that Mallorca is a summer paradise. But Mallorca’s winter also offers us some great moments that are, above all else, very different to those offered in summer. Thanks to the incredible climate that we have here at Mallorca during winter, you can enjoy many days of sunshine and pleasant temperatures, which naturally go hand in hand with taking part in open-air activities, and because of which we are here to let you know about winter sports in Mallorca.

What sports can you take part in during Mallorca’s winter?

There are many winter sports you can take part in here at Mallorca: cycling, Nordic walking, scuba diving, climbing, etc. But we want to specifically let you know about three of Mallorca’s winter sports that will allow you to discover the most beautiful part of Mallorca: its mountains and coast line.

Coastering: is a relatively new activity of multi-adventure sports, which takes place on the coastline where we guarantee an action-packed wet and wild adventure. You will feel the adrenaline flow as you are traverse rock climbing over the sea, bungee jumping, exploring sea caves, reef jumping, snorkeling, zip wiring over the sea and more, all in one day depending on which tour you choose. It is a full and exciting adventure tour experience for your vacation enjoyment.

Canyoning: In general, for tourists who visit Mallorca canyoning is not a well known sport but it is the full adventure to experience on the island. Canyoning involves walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling in waterfalls, sliding down natural flowing water into pools, swimming and more in the waters of a canyon in the middle of the wild landscape of Mallorca.

Trekking-Adventure: Our Trekking Tour in Majorca evolves more than you would expect. It includes walking, scrambling, climbing, abseiling, zip wiring between the rocks in the middle of the wild landscape of Mallorca, depending on which tour you choose.

Winter sports in Mallorca

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